Bike paths in the Parks of Emilia Romagna Apennines

Two wheel enthusiasts have the new chance to practice their favorite sport in an uncontaminated environment.  All they need to do is get on a mountain bike or in some cases even on a standard bike and venture out along the 10 bike paths which run through nine regional parks and one nature reserve, from Piacenza to Romagna.

The various itineraries allow visitors to enjoy the amazing landscapes that rise and fall among hills and plains and to discover, besides the natural and environmental beauty of this area, the local historic and architectonic wonders, visitor's centers, museums and the CRAS (wildlife rescue centers) located along these routes.

Lasting a half or full day, the bike paths can be done by any biking fan, even cyclists who are not so advanced as the paths include various levels of difficulty.

An on line technical sheet provides all of the information necessary on the length, incline, difficulty, duration, cultural and environmental destinations and useful numbers for each path.

But that's not all. The itineraries can also be reached by train. A specific "outside the park" marker shows the nearest train station from which excursionists can reach the entrance to the parks and the beginning of the bike paths.  This train-bike transportation is made possible by Trenitalia which has made trains available that have a specific bike transport area which costs just a little bit more than a regular ticket.

All of the paths inside the parks are clearly marked thanks to a series of specific signs as well as visitor's centers along the way.

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