The Island of Elba, located in front of the Piombino canal is the largest of the Tuscan Archipelago islands and is part of the Tuscan Archipelago National Park.

Not only beaches and rocky cliffs, sun and sea, paths and trails, asphalt ribbons, comfortable dirt roads and more technical trails winding through the heart of the island and sketching trajectories along spectacular lonely coastlines, vineyards, olive groves and lovely scents of herbs. The island is a land of fishermen, farmers and old miners and also of cyclists. A mild and friendly climate makes Elba a popular destination throughout the year with a preference for seasons such as spring and autumn; it has an incredible network of trails for road racers looking for more technical routes for their training, trails and dirt roads for bikers to have fun on, accessible routes for families with children who need safe and relaxing routes. In a nutshell, cyclists who ride a little bit everywhere and who do not shy away from their pit stops in coffee shops and taverns. To all of this we add a series of specific services for cyclists like service centres and bicycle rentals.
The island of Elba is a piece of Tuscany in the middle of the Tyrrhenian Sea and the scent of the sea reaches everywhere, even on inaccessible mountains, from Monte Capanne, Elba's highest point at more than 3 thousand feet to the rugged and imposing Volterraio with it's impressive ruins at the top, where today you can listen only to the wind breathing. The Island of Elba holds the genetic traits of the "homeland" and its trump card is 147 km of incredibly varied coastline, sometimes tortuous and inaccessible, other times inviting with stretches of impeccable white sand, clear transparent reflecting sea pools and a thatch of bristly Mediterranean bush.
The Capoliveri Bike Park with more than 100 km of roads and biking trails is a must for all cyclists. The rest of the island has spectacular cycling roads for bike lovers, that flutter between waves and clouds and give us enjoyable and technically interesting cycling trails. The altimeter is extremely varied and the trails are always unpredictable. A lot of great fun.
On the road from Rio nell'Elba going to Porto Azzurro is the “Fonte di Coppi”. Towards the end of his career the “campionissimo” came here to train on the roads of Elba to regain his best shape. He was no longer the best Coppi but he was already a monument to cycling, set to become a hero and legend with his death that would arrive within a few years. 

Capolivieri Bike Park


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