Lombardy, the region of the thousands faces

Lombardy is mainly known as Italy’s most industrialized region with the city of Milan its beating business heart, but Lombardy is a region showcasing incredible destinations, experiences, and territories.

So, get your bike and start exploring this beautiful region with your family!

Stretching from the Alps to the lowlands of the Po Valley, it is home to a wide range of landscapes, including the breathtaking mountain chain that boasts the Valchiavenna and Valtellina.
The well trained cycling enthusiasts will find lots of opportunities in exploring the world famous Stelvio Pass and the Mortirolo and  extremely popular resorts of Bormio, Livigno and Tonale. 

Another aspect that defines the region is its expanse of rolling hills that encompass the distinctive Franciacorta area, famous for its vineyards and bubble wine production. The charm of the great lakes is a great tourist draw, attracting visitors to Sirmione and Torbole, as well as other well known destinations dotting the western coast of Lake Garda, while Lake Como and Lake Maggiore are no less beautiful, surrounded as they are by stately homes, parks and picturesque small towns. Not to be missed, along the course of the 'Giro di Lombardia' the Museum of Ghisallo, not far from Como.
The region is also characterized by the great flat tracts of the Po Valley lowlands, covered by shimmering mirrors of water and rice paddies: this is the typical landscape of Lomellina, the land of rice harvesters, steeped in tradition. 

Not to forget are the hills surrounding Piacenza and the ‘Oltrepò’ covered by famous vineyards and ancient top mountain villages rich in traditions.

Lombardy boasts of a very well developed net of bike paths offering hundreds opportunities to explore hidden corners of the territory.


Itineraries and cycle paths in Lombardy

Cycle paths in the province of Pavia                                  


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