Sardinia, the bitter sweet island

With a mostly mountainous territory, but without high peaks, Sardinia offers visitors a unique natural setting, at the same time bitter and sweet. The man, in fact, in certain areas is almost a rare presence; large areas have remained magically intact, inhabited by deer, wild horses and large birds of prey, and are rich in small desert areas, ponds and lush forests with trees even millennial.

The sea reigns supreme with its colors and creeps in the winding creeks, along the coasts and beaches,  in the busy touristic areas as Porto Cervo on the Costa Smeralda and Porto Rotondo.

Those who prefer the mountains to the sea will be able to explore the area of ​​Gennargentu, the largest mountain range of Sardinia, with its pictorial scenes where nature occupies a prominent place. The island is very rich in flora and fauna with its wild sheep, golden eagles, Sardinian deer and various species on the brink of extinction.

Among its wonders, Sardinia offers the visitor the Nuragic complexes scattered throughout the territory, unique monuments that bear witness to an ancient and still partly mysterious culture that runs from the fifteenth to the sixth century BC.

For those wishing to travel along paved roads in the island, Sardinia offers the opportunity to ride with ease in nearly all its roads. The absence of noise enhances the sounds of nature and amplifies the relationship with the landscape.

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Ogliastra and Gennargentu 



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Sardegna in mtb
Sardegna in mtb


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