Tuscon, the bicycle friendly city

Tucson in Arizona, is the US leading destination for every cycling passionate. Tucson, in fact, has the perfect topography for bicycling with everything from high mountains to desert flatlands. Tucson is already a mecca for bicyclists from around the world during the winter months, as its topography, sunny skies and mild temperatures create the perfect environment for training.

Tucson is earning honors as a ‘bicycle friendly’ city that hosts major biking event like El Tour de Tucson, the largest perimeter cycling event in the US.

There are not too many places in the US where  you can start a ride in the desert at 2,500 feet and end up in the pine trees at Mt. Lemmon at 9,000 feetin the Santa Catalina Mtns. This is what Tucson is offering you, all year round.

Tucson is a true paradise for both road cyclists and mtbikers.

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El Tour de Tucson
El Tour de Tucson
El Tour de Tucson
Mt. Lemmon


Stone House GroupTucson(AZ)


The Paniolo RanchTucson(AZ)

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