Cyclistshotel’s facilities all share a deep passion for cycling and they know what cyclists need to enjoy a wonderful vacation on the two wheels. For this reason, in these facilities you can find at your disposal a wide range of services and amenities designed to best meet the needs of cyclists of all levels.


Cycling guides
Local guides, skilled and
deep connoisseurs of
the area, are available
to lead you in your excursions
to discover new destinations
making you live unforgettable

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Menu for cyclists
Nutrition is an important
aspect for cyclists’ diet
that need a balanced 
caloric intake. The day
starts with a reinforce
breakfast to face long
rides with the necessary
energy boost.
After returning from a
long day in the saddle,
you can enjoy a special
menu based primarily
on carbohydrates for
fast recovery. The main
menu is served up later
in the evening with local

Maps and routes
with GPS tracking

Detailed maps are available 
showing some of the many
possible routes in the area.
They provide useful
information on the routes
such as the length,
altimetry and degree of&
difficulty. In some cases
there is available info
of itineraries tracked 
with GPS.

Store room and workshop
Secure premises where
bicycles can be stored
and where you can
also carry on
maintenance or minor

Dressing room
Area with lockers and
benches where you
can change and
leave your clothes
and get ready
for the rides.

Laundry service
A convenient laundry
service for all
technical clothing
assures that your
cycling kits are always
clean and ready
to wear.

Gym and Spa
More and more facilities
are equipped with fitness
and relaxation areas.
You can continue your
regular workouts to
keep trained and fit
at the gym and also
relax with a sauna
and get a massage
at the spa.

Bike Tutor
Often, the owner of the property
is a big fan of cycling and
shares his or her experiences
with customers by providing
them with valuable guidance
and technical advice on the
choice of routes to follow,
gears to be used, and more.
In the facility you can rely
on your Bike Tutor, an
expert on cycling, who will
respond with competence
to your request and will
also be able to explain
in detail itineraries and
quickly resolve emergency
situations such as finding
a mechanic at the last minute.

Bike recovery
If you have a serious
tire puncture or a dropped
chain and cannot make
your way back to the
hotel, a sag van will recover
you and your bike.

Bicycle rental
Many properties supply
their clients with a bike rental,
a convenient service for those
cyclists who cannot or do not
want to bring or ship their bicycles.
In the event that the chosen facility
does not provide any rental service,
Cyclisthotel provides detailed
information on bike shops that offer
rental service in the same city or
surrounding areas


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